We do not expect perfection. We understand each of us is likely showing up with habits and behaviors which tend to keep us from experiencing full connection with nature, others, and ourselves. It is a work in progress to recognize these and it is our intention to see and support each other as we seek to shift our habits and behaviors in order to help us have more connected lives. We recognize that people come from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences and we do our best to meet others with an open mind and perspectives. 

We also do not want these agreements to feel like ‘rules’ but as principles that allow individual freedom and creativity to prosper, and that can guide us toward a peaceful, connective and regenerative culture.

Our Intentions, Values & Agreements for Living Connection 1st Village:

Common Intentions: We hold common intentions and purpose in the Living Connection 1st Village of deepening connection with self, others, and nature.

We do our best… 

…To welcome all without discrimination.

… To listen (and read) stories and reflections from others with an open mind, without judgment, and we choose our finest words in our responses. 

…To respect, honor, and value each member as an individual with unique perspectives and gifts.

…To understand and feel ourselves and each other as belonging to the Living Connection 1st Village community, coming together for the benefit of each member.

…To offer light supportive facilitation to be sure everyone is heard. We honor each person by giving them the opportunity and space to share, and we monitor shares to ensure everyone has been heard.

In modern times, space to deeply connect with others is unfortunately rare for most of us. We feel strongly about protecting this space for those who share our intentions as stated above. To that end, we also want to be clear about what we are not.

What we are not…

We are not an open forum for discussion of any and all topics. As we develop connection and trust with each other, the range of topics we can fruitfully engage in expands. However, especially as we are starting on this journey, we feel it is important to keep our conversations directly related to building and supporting deep connections with nature, others, and ourselves. We ask that you please leave out conversations that may be divisive, offensive, or far off topic. 

We are not providing a space where only a few voices dominate. 

We are not a grievance circle. This is not a forum to air your anger or judgements about others.

We are not providing an opportunity to receive therapy. We are on a journey of self-discovery through this connection work. This community can be part of our support system, and there may be needs that you experience that cannot be met here. If you have a need for this kind of therapeutic support, we encourage you to please tend to yourself and seek other supportive services or structures outside of this community. 

Self-discovery and trauma release

Doing this work brings self-discovery and may release trauma and lost connections throughout your life. There’s a positive side to this self-realization (self synthesis). This may bring out deep emotions at times. Some participants may feel that deeper needs arise. Refer to the above paragraph regarding needs for therapeutic support.

Disruption & Returning to Balance

Disruptive Behaviors

Over the last decades, we have seen patterns that occasionally disrupt connection circles and that require tending. This list includes:  expressions of anger, projecting judgments about others present or not, venting (such as regarding political or societal issues), and expressions of neediness or seeking help with personal issues. These may distract from the community’s ability to focus on the journey of connection with ourselves, others and nature. 

Returning to Balance

We all come from different backgrounds, experiences, family & community cultures. For this reason, it is almost inevitable that we will experience some friction and/or communication challenges and misunderstandings as we develop connections with one another. 

If you experience disruption from something said then you may be invited to consider “why this experience disrupts you?” 

If a member's behaviors or choice of words are experienced as disruptive by more than one member, then the ‘disruptive member’ will be invited to consider “why this behavior or choice of words may have resulted in disturbance for other members?” 

For the sake of the intentions and purpose of the Living Connection 1st Village, it is important to be sensitive to the fact that there are other people here, and that they may experience disruptive behaviors that are not what they are here for. This will help keep the focus on the community’s focus and mission. 

We ask that all members support these agreements by letting the guides of the village know if you experience an unsafe or questionable encounter. 

Email the support team at [email protected] to share your experience.

In Summary

Living Connection 1st Village members are here to connect with one another, nature and themselves. We consider tending the community in a good way to be sacrosanct. We understand disruptive behavior to be the consequence of conditioning rather than the individual's inherent nature. As such, it brings an opportunity for a healing journey, should the individual choose to take it. Understanding and agreeing to abide by these agreements supports the well being of this community and its members. Therefore, the Living Connection 1st Village reserves the right to part ways with any individual that the community experiences as not upholding the intention for positive, connective and regenerative interactions and relationships, as laid out within these agreements.

Is this a fit for you?

If you are willing to uphold these agreements, we invite you to join our Living Connection 1st online village. If this is not what you are looking for, this may not be a good fit for you now. We wish you the best in your search for what you are looking for, and welcome you to return when you feel this community is a better fit for where you are on your journey.

Thank you for reading!

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